About Us


Heroes In Sports & Legends In Life  – Winning With Integrity

Defining Sports, founded in 2005 by D.J. Fisher, a native of Wichita, Kansas took his passion and experience for sports and the youth and combined it with his business savvy to build one of the most well-respected and sought-after sports marketing agencies in the nation.

With over 13 years of experience marketing prestigious professional athletes, both active and retired, our laid-back is agency devoted towards managing, mentoring and marketing these athletes with a unique and direct twist. Defining Sports believes for some athletes their role in the community is just as significant as their job on their respective playing fields.

Defining Sports has helped quality athletes gain legendary status, not only due to their performance for their respective colleges and professional sports organization, but for their social status and creating an importance in encouraging the youth, families and businesses by using their status to give back to the community, boost businesses and encouraging the youth.

We encourage the avid participation of our clients in ways that are exceptional and imperative to their individual desires and interest. Many of our clients’ greatest accomplishments originate from the impact they have made in the communities they call home.

We understand each client of Defining Sports is blessed with a God given gift to be placed on a platform to touch, influence and affect society. We are blessed to represent such clients in efforts to give back to the communities and the fans that love and support them.