Crisis Management

The term crisis has a wide variety of definitions and interpretations. Typically, it is understood to be an extraordinary disruption of standard operations that threatens the safety, reputation and success of an individual. In some instances of crises, there is an opportunity for a person to subdue a situation before it causes serious damage. However, too often the problem spirals out of control before it can be contained.

In recent years, Defining Sports has become very skilled and experienced in handling some of the most talked and sought-after issues in pop-culture. Helping our clients apologize, prevail and maintain sponsorships, endorsements and enhance their brand instead of it being the total opposite. Crisis management and image restoration take on a bigger role in today’s society, particularly in sports, due to the increased media coverage of athlete scandal. No sports story is too small or insignificant for social media users to grab a hold of. Considering that an athlete’s public image is worth more monetarily than it ever used to be, the ability to successfully implement these strategies and control how a story spreads is a highly valuable skill. News goes viral in a flash. We stay ready to respond to disasters swiftly and decisively.