Management + Marketing

Our clients, as professional athletes are visible to youth within their target communities and around the world. Marketing opportunities allow each individual to build reputation and ultimately give back to dedicated and loyal fans. The bigger the reputation and the more the involvement creates more opportunities which will create residual income. These opportunities include signings, speaking engagements, appearances, fundraising and product endorsement. Although money is a great benefit, for over a decade we have aligned ourselves with quality athletes who are more concerned with their legacy rather than their pockets. Understanding the more people that are impacted, the more opportunities that will come. The best way to be blessed is to be a blessing to others.

Exceptional athletes often gain the attention of companies who wish to use the athlete’s popularity and reputation to help promote a service or product. Endorsement deals can provide the athlete with an unexpected source of quality products, services and income. Compensation will most likely be the primary concern for the athlete as well as the company offering the contract.

We highlight details for royalties, incentives, free products, testing products and fixed fees, and discuss these with the athlete in detail. We make sure the indemnification clause protects our in case the company terminates the contract. A signed contract gives the company a legal right to use the player name and image. We make sure our clients understand exactly how the endorsement will be used, in what form it will be used, such as print media, online or television, and where it will be used geographically.

For over a decade, Defining Sports has negotiated countless endorsements and sponsorships, including but not limited to: Yahoo! BP! Nike, Jordan Brand, Under Armour, Sovereign Brands, Coca-Cola, Subway, Gatorade, Hilton Worldwide, Cox Communications, Moët & Chandon, Upper Deck, Rolex, Baskin Robbins, Skull Candy, Cosmopolitan, People Magazine, US Weekly, 2K Sports, Jamba Juice, Pepsi, Powerade, Wilson and EA Sports.