For some athletes their role in the community is just as significant as their job on the court. For well over a decade Defining Sports has helped quality athletes gain legendary status not only due to their performance for their respective platforms. We help athletes capitalize on their social status and create an importance in encouraging the youth, building stronger families and giving back to the community. We manage off-court business affairs for former and current professional athletes of all sports. With focus on broadcasting, securing endorsements, personal appearances, speaking engagements, memorabilia signings, developing business to athlete relationships, sports camps and events.


The term crisis has a wide variety of definitions and interpretations. Typically, it is understood to be an extraordinary disruption of standard operations that threatens the safety, reputation and success of an individual. In some instances of crises, there is an opportunity for a person to subdue a situation before it causes serious damage. However, too often the problem spirals out of control before it can be contained.

In recent years, Defining Sports has become very skilled and experienced in handling some of the most talked and sought-after issues in pop-culture. Helping our clients apologize, prevail and maintain sponsorships, endorsements and enhance their brand instead of it being the total opposite. Crisis management and image restoration take on a bigger role in today’s society, particularly in sports, due to the increased media coverage of athlete scandal. No sports story is too small or insignificant for social media users to grab a hold of. Considering that an athlete’s public image is worth more monetarily than it ever used to be, the ability to successfully implement these strategies and control how a story spreads is a highly valuable skill. News goes viral in a flash. We stay ready to respond to disasters swiftly and decisively.



Exceptional athletes often gain the attention of companies who wish to use the athlete’s popularity and reputation to help promote a service or product. Endorsement deals can provide the athlete with an unexpected source of quality products, services and income. Compensation will most likely be the primary concern for the athlete as well as the company offering the contract.

We highlight details for royalties, incentives, free products, testing products and fixed fees, and discuss these with the athlete in detail. We make sure the indemnification clause protects our in case the company terminates the contract. A signed contract gives the company a legal right to use the player name and image. We make sure our clients understand exactly how the endorsement will be used, in what form it will be used, such as print media, online or television, and where it will be used geographically.

For over a decade, Defining Sports has negotiated countless endorsements and sponsorships, including but not limited to: Yahoo! BP! Nike, Jordan Brand, Under Armour, Sovereign Brands, Coca-Cola, Subway, Gatorade, Hilton Worldwide, Cox Communications, Moët & Chandon, Upper Deck, Rolex, Baskin Robbins, Skull Candy, Cosmopolitan, People Magazine, US Weekly, 2K Sports, Jamba Juice, Pepsi, Powerade, Wilson and EA Sports.



If they don’t see hear or read, how will they know? Our Media Relations team is responsible for moderating communications between the athlete and various media outlets such as newspapers, magazines, blogs, radio and television stations. They are responsible for informing the media when something new happens within the athlete or providing a beneficial story for the fans. We use press releases, media event and broadcasts to improve relationships with media sources and journalists to obtain optimum media coverage for our athletes. We have one of the strongest and deepest media relationships in the nation, including but not limited to:



To run an effective community relations campaign, which relies on athlete involvement, there is a great deal of learning and relationship building. Most people think the fact that these guys and girls play a sport in front of a crowd, they assume that they love attention, which is not always the case. From a community relations perspective, we get to know each athlete so that we can assist their personal initiatives and better understand what they love to do and do not feel comfortable doing.

Our Community Relations team is responsible for developing and implementing community outreach programs including social & community awareness incentives. They will work with the athletes and their respective organization to create programs that promote the athlete’s image in a positive and community-oriented way. We have captured as well as executed relationships and projects with but not limited to: Boys and Girls Club of America, Big Brothers, Big Sisters, Saint Jude Children’s Hospital, Shriner’s Children’s Hospital, March of Dimes, Habitat for Humanity, Girls Scouts of America, YMCA, United Way, Make A Wish, Ronald McDonald House Charities, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and more.



Our Public Relations team is top rated in sports public relations. With decades of experience and a proven track record of success in the industry. Our publicist is the premier choice for all serious athletes. Part of what helps set our PR team apart from other agencies in the industry is that it has a highly motivated team of professionals working to exceed each client’s expectations. We all have a story to tell but knowing how to say it and who to tell make a big difference in getting your message heard. We develop strategic communication plans to connect your brand to your audience. We combine our experience in traditional public relations and marketing with creative thinking to deliver your message to the people who matter most.

Including but not limited to: